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100% Organic!
Optimized for increased (P) adaptation of flowering plants.
is suitable for all crops, vegetables and ornamentals


What is Phosphoderma?
Phosphoderma is a water soluble granule,
created especially to maximize the output of flowering plants.
Phosphoderma is suitable for all crops, vegetables and ornamentals.
Ingredients 100% Bio-Granule, Algas, Phosphoderma
Dry substance: ~85-90%
Soil aid. Water-soluble granulate.
Why Phosphoderma?
Phosphoderma is a special single-trichoderma formula,
which purely concentrates on enhancing the volume of the actual bud,
through increased production of hairs and bubbles.
Unlike other Trichoderma-Mix products, which enhance the growth of the entire plant.

Phosphoderma is easy to use and economical.
You would never use the same fertiziler on your plants to grow as you would to flower,
as they will give the wrong nutrients at the wrong times.
If you have used trichoderma-mixes in the past, you have done just this to your plant!!!

In the world of trichoderma
All Trichodermas provide nearly the same protection benefits to plants.
They all help to protect your roots, enlarge the root surface, etc.
The difference with Phosphoderma is, while also protecting plants like other trichodermas,
it’s main specialty is to provide more phosphur to the plant than normal,
thus improving quality of flowers with the SAME plant size as before.

(Most Common)
## When growing “short life” production plants (i.e. for seed or flower production)
it’s always better to use only one type of trichderma specialist.
## When growing “small” scale production plants, (4, 36, 99 -plants/m2)
using one trichoderma specialist (i.e. Phospherma) is better than a trichoderma-mix.
## When growing large plants (~1 / m2) a group of specialists can be used instead of a single mix.:
(i.e. 50% trichoderma-mix , 50% phospherma).

Use with all substrates and systems.
Fast & vigorous rooting by rapid multiplication and expansion of the root surface.
Protecting against the early colonization of diseases and harmful fungi from the roots
(i.e. root rot, stem rot, black rot, gray mold, fusarium, etc..).

Less deficienies - saves time and money through improved uptake of fertilizer.
Optimized for increased (P) adaptation of flowering plants.
Increased dry weight by compact flowers.
Will not increase the EC level.
100% Organic Earth Friendly Product.

How do I get started with Phosphoderma?
We recommend to use Phosphoderma from the earliest seedling stage on.
The early use of Phosphoderma will maximize the output of your plant.
As a general guide, phosphoderma can be used with only 1 gram -> per Liter -> per m².
For instance, only 1g needs to be used for a 150 plant tray as shown in the example illustration below.
Phosphoderma Roots
Phosphoderma HowTo